Tuesday 1 March 2011

New Building - The Flower Shop

Fancy making that homestead a little prettier as we reach Spring?

Then get yourself the new Flower Shop and start prettying up the homestead!

Once you reach Level 20 you'll be given a popup offering you the chance to build a flower shop, a quite small building that looks like a Market Stall as opposed to a large building.

You'll initially get two primary quests (information HERE) which introduce the Flower Shop. Building the Shop takes 18 whacks at 9 wood per whack, and then needs 6 building items, three classic and three new materials specific to the Flower Shop.

Specifically you'll need: 20 Hand Drills, Paint Buckets and Nails, 10 Planter Boxes and 15 each of Planter Brackets and Awning Fabric.

Once the Shop is built you have three options, the standard "What is This", a chance to collect the Daily Bonus (information HERE) or buy repeatable quests to aquire flowers. Each flower type, Pansies, Daisies, Carnations and Tulips, have their own missions that finish by rewarding the player with a flower of that type.

Also when tending the flowers there's a chance to get a rare flower to plant.

The Shop also comes with two collections, one gained from the Shop itself and one got from tending flowers.

The rewards:

There are also two new badges, one for completing the repeatable flower missions and the other for tending the flowers you've bought.

Florist badges:

Badge 1: Complete four flower shop missions - Reward: 200XP, 2 lillies
Badge 2: Complete ten flower shop missions - Reward: 500XP, 4 lillies
Badge 3: Complete twenty flower shop missions - Reward: 1000XP, 6 lillies
Badge 4: Complete fifty flower shop missions - Reward: 2500XP, 10 lillies

 Gardener badges:

Badge 1: Tend 25 Flowers - Reward:  200 coins, 1 flowering cactus
Badge 2: Tend 100 Flowers - Reward:  500 coins, 2 flowering cactus
Badge 3: Tend 250 Flowers - Reward:  1000 coins, 3 flowering cactus
Badge 4: Tend 1000 Flowers - Reward:  2500 coins, 4 flowering cactus

The flowers come in coloured pots and droop after two weeks but will be revived with a watering, and will never die...

We'll be updating with pictures and more information as soon as we can so keep checking back!