Friday 4 March 2011

Storage Shed Expansions - The Inner Workings

Yep, we've had the mission requirements for what feels like weeks and they're finally going live! Storage Shed expansions are here, and better than that, they're endlessly repeatable for more and more and more space!

The expansion is made up of THREE MISSIONS that require first some buildup work, collecting wood, planks etc and then finish with mission three's final requirement to expand.

That's done by collecting building supplies, four that may seem a little familiar and two new ones! The Shelves, Bins and Padlocks require 10 for the first expansion, the Elbow Grease, Cement and Carpenters Pencil need 5 for the first expansion. Half will come from wall posts, and half from direct requests through your neighbours. (This pic shows a later version of the mission, more on that shortly).

Once you've collected your materials and upgraded you'll benefit from fifteen more spaces to store those pesky decorations and, when clicking on the shed, you'll see a timer counting down from four days...

Once that timer runs out you can repeat the mission thread again for another fifteen spaces! The only thing is (you knew it wouldn't be easy) each upgrade mission needs more supplies, specifically 2 more of each item the next time around!

There's no limits to the missions, just your ability to collect request items!