Wednesday 30 March 2011

GIDDY'AP, Pardner!

All that walking get your worn out around the ol' stead? Well give them piggies a break and hitch a ride from the new rideable horses!

Check out the missions HERE

First you will need to build yerself a Corral to house them horses.. For this you will need a slew of new building materials:

10 Horse Salt Licks; 10 Hay Nets; 10 Bags of Stone Grit; 15 Gate Hitches; 15 Lunge Lines; 15 Fence Beams

After you have built yer Corral you can purchase a horse from the menu option.

When placing yer horse on the homestead you will get the option to name yer horse ( the name can be changed later through the Manage Horses option)

Once placed it will take 4 clicks to grow the horse to adult (rideable) stage. Yer adult horses will stand next to a hitching post with a saddle on them to indicate that they are now rideable. Now just click on the horse and select "Ride Horse" from the options menu. As you do chores whilst riding yer horse yer horse will gain XP and level up. To dismount from yer horse just click on the horse's hitching post and select "Dismount" from the options menu.

Hovering over your horse while it is placed on the stead will give you information such as type, level, etc about each horse. For more information on how to level up your horse check HERE


Treats are boosts that can be fed to horses to double XP for the next few tends. At the moment these are only available as a horseshoe purchase.
Carrot – double xp for 3 tends - 4HS
Apple – double xp for 7 tends - 8 HS
Sugar Cube – double xp for 11 tends - 12 HS
Buying treats work like boosts and will give an option to feed the horse right away.
If the horse is “Boosted” with treats, it will glow.

We also have a new collection to find when tending and using our horses for 1 Carrot treat and 25 XP