Tuesday 8 March 2011


[These features are currently unreleased and as such requirements and rewards might change before full release.]

It seems those darn tooting coyote's will be clobberable after all, certainly if one of the new badges coming out is to be believed!

The new Coyote Clobbering Badge rewards us for smacking those pesky new varmints that are coming soon to terrorise our chickens:

Badge 1 - Clobber 5 Coyotes - Reward: 100XP, 500 coins
Badge 2 - Clobber 20 Coyotes - Reward: 700XP, 1000 coins
Badge 3 - Clobber 50 Coyotes - Reward: 2500XP, 3000 coins
Badge 4 - Clobber 100 Coyotes - Reward: 5000XP, 10'000 coins, 1 Coyote Mask (Possibly clothing)

And the second new badge will apparently reward us for feeding cooped chickens (We believe it was originally to be placing chickens in the coop)! Although the numbers here are pretty massive so this one is definitely a marathon, not a sprint:

Badge 1 - Feed 200 Chickens in Coops - Reward: 200XP, 300 Food
Badge 2 - Feed 1000 Chickens in Coops - Reward: 1000XP, 3 Dinners
Badge 3 - Feed 5000 Chickens in Coops - Reward: 5000XP, 1 Rotisserie Chicken Decoration
Badge 4 - Feed 10'000 Chickens in Coops - Reward: 7500XP, 1 Coyote on a Spit Decoration, 2 7-Course feats.

So, a few more things to aim towards for that elusive full completion! I think that chicken one might just take a while...