Monday 14 March 2011

St Patrick's Day Goodies!

Top O The Morning To Ya!

It's time to green the beer, pop on your shamrock hat and go a searching for Leprechauns!

Yes, it's St Patrick's Day and there's a whole heap of new stuff coming in Frontierville.

As well as two mission threads (see all the mission details HERE) we're going to be seeing some fun little changes to our homesteads.

The missions will begin with a two mission thread called the Leprechaun hunt which introduces the new varmint, but one that's a LOT less annoying than the coyote... the arrival of a Frontierville Leprechaun :D

Once they're completed there's a bigger 5 mission St Patrick's Day Celebration mission thread to last through the event!

The varmint is going to be an integral part of the two mission threads and will pop out from Clover, Cabbage, Potatoes (had to be the tatties) and cows.

Finding and catching the little green chap pops out all the usual bonuses along with a very small chance of picking up a Pot O' Gold! It also counts towards a new badge, specially given for taking your spade to the guy and scaring him from your land!

Hearts over Yellow Moons:
-  Catch: 3 Leprechauns
-  Reward: 70 coins, 300 XP

Orange Stars in Clover
-  Catch:  10 Leprechauns
-  Reward: 300 coins, 1,000 XP

Horseshoes for Diamonds
-  Catch:  25 Leprechauns
-  Reward: 3,700 coins, 2,500 XP

Red Balloons and a Pot of Gold
-  Catch:  50 Leprechauns
-  Reward: 7,337 coins, 5,000 XP

As ever with special events there's also it's own collection of a Penny Whistle, a Pint Glass, a Shamrock, A Hurly Stick and a Celtic Harp.

Completing that get's you a Pot O'Gold! A mystery crate for St Patrick's :D (Esta hopes it has a Penguin with a shamrock on it's head...)

The Pot O gold can contain a Keg, a Green Waterfall, a Green Fountain, a Leprechaun Statue or a Festive Table as long as a bundle of coins, XP, boosts and collection items!

There's also a St Patrick's Day Rainbow in the market for 25 Horseshoes :)

More as and when we get it!