Tuesday 22 March 2011

New Building - Doghouse and Old Farm Dog!

So the new addition to the Frontier is an old farm dog! He'll be discovered in the same way as an injured animal, specifically in this case as a random event from chopping lumber trees (but not fruit trees like the Deer). Unlike injured animals you're also limited to just the one dog in a kennel on your homestead.

We will have to build a kennel for him to live in and feed him like we do the injured animals otherwise he gets very down in the mouth! You will find him when clearing debris on your homestead and you will have to feed him 10 Chunky Chow and then "coax" him into his kennel before you are able to complete the building process.

Just like Critter Milk Chunky Chow will be available in the market for 8HS for one and 50HS for a pack of 10, enough to fully feed him up.

We will need to ask for these building supplies in order to finish the his little home..

There is also a series of 5 missions that accompany this building - more information HERE

Here is the collection for the Doghouse that can be found during the whacking stage and when collecting the daily bonus. When completed this will give 25XP and a Goose Ready Bonus.