Saturday 26 March 2011

The Law of Diminishing Rewards!

It would appear that the recession is hitting home on the Frontier as well as in real life... as the reward levels for some of the hardest and nastiest missions in the game have been cut.

Ask any older player which missions stick in the head as the worst and you can be sure it'll be some or all of these four little beauties...

Master Farmer II - Plant and Harvest 300 Flax.
Master Farmer III - Plant and Harvest 1500 Peanuts.
Found a Town II - Collect 500'000 coins.
Found a Town III - Collect 1'000'000 coins.

These are nightmare missions for differing reasons. The Farmer missions because they eat up space and take so loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong to complete, with having to PLANT not just HARVEST the crops it took a seemingly endless time.

As for the founder missions, the nightmare there was simply the fact that once you hit the right bank balance it took it all away, flinging you back into bankruptcy and leaving any players who hadn't planned ahead woefully short on cash... at which point you could be sure the game would throw a new mission at you that needed spending bucketloads of coins.

The only silver lining was the rewards at the end, but it seems the credit crunch has hit and these too have been cut back....

Mission Original Horseshoe Reward... New Horseshoe Reward
Master Farmer II
Master Farmer III 15 
Found a Town II 10 
Found a Town III 25 

So, as you can see all horseshoe rewards for new players have been cut by 80%... So if you get a friend or family member who asks about the rewards, here is the answer, it's not a glitch or a problem in the game, the rewards have been cut from what older players will remember.

Is it because with expanded homesteads it's easier to do? Is it because they're not as hard as Zynga thought they would be initially? Remember to share your thoughts on our Facebook Page.