Sunday 27 February 2011

Rango making his way to the Frontier? - UNRELEASED EXCLUSIVE

If you keep track of cinema releases you'll know that one of the big movies coming out is Rango, an animated (and in some places 3D) chameleon in a wild west setting, voiced by the excellent Johnny Depp. (Movie release date is this Friday, March 4th according to the OFFICIAL SITE)

Well, it seems we'll be getting Rango on our homesteads for a mission, and a series of badges with movie themed rewards. (At time of writing we don't actually know when these are likely to appear, possibly inside the next few days/week with the movie release date)

The mission is a single one and fairly simple (and quite fun sounding)... for all requirements click HERE.

One of the aspects of the mission will be the appearance of Rango on our homesteads where we'll have to click him to "catch" him, just in the same way as any of the popup bonuses, coins, XP etc.

It appears he'll appear randomly from a number of places, possibly appearing everywhere in the same way as the resolutions collections etc.

Once you "catch" him it not only counts towards the mission but also towards a set of badges that are specific to this mission, in fact, the requirements for the final badge is the same as the requirement for the mission so it's unlikely anyone will miss out on collecting these.


Rango Badge 1: Catch Rango three times - Reward: 300 coins, 1 Fast Hands Boost

Rango Badge 2: Catch Rango six times - Reward: 300 coins, 1 Rango's Clothesline

Rango Badge 3:  Catch Rango nine times - Reward: 300 coins, 1 Rango Statue.

Looks like it'll be a simple enough mission and will probably be a bit of fun... plus a chance to get a Tools, which is never something to be frowned upon!