Saturday 26 February 2011

Expanding horizons everywhere!

Well, we've had the Chicken Coops expanding to hold the chooks, and now we're getting another expansion, one that we know folks have been after for ages.... Some more storage space!

Get those toolbelts on and the spare wood you have around because it seems we're going to be putting up some new shelves in our sheds and possibly even giving it another storey!

We're not sure about the design of the shed but we don't think it's going to change the way it looks on your homestead, just give you a higher number in your storage capacity.

Coming soon will be a three mission thread of repeatable goals that we can do again and again to boost our storage by 15 spaces each time so, if you can keep finding all the resources you've got almost endless storage opportunities!

The mission will, we believe, be bought from the market first and then can be bought again once you complete the third Expansion mission.

For all the mission requirements click through HERE

It's fair to say these are very heavy missions for resources and for time. With a need for 25 cloth, 16 tools, 100 planks (totalling 700 wood and 25000 coins) and 8 sawhorses (totalling 40 planks which you'll have and 16 tools which again you'll have) these are NOT easy missions.

That said they shouldn't be, Storage is one of the most requested, most desired parts of the game and it's right that these are difficult missions and might take some time.

I can't imagine most people will be repeating these missions TOO often but I think almost everyone will do it at least once...