Wednesday 2 February 2011

New Building - The Pony Express!

There's a new building in town and it's the quick and easy way to recieve those letters everyone's been sending you, the Pony Express!

This looks like it's going to be a quite simple building, it'll take just 1000 cash and 16 wood to get started and needs 10 each of the top three of it's own proprietary building materials which are requested on walls, and 12 each of the lower items which are requested direct from friends.

It's Collection bonus is very logical, but also one of the collections that's been most in demand, Postcards!

It seems that the building will incorporate "Deliveries" from a Pony Express rider that are collected in the Daily Bonus and it seems that the more often you collect, the better the deliveries become. Once a day you can get an extra special delivery by maxing out your bonus accumulator from clicking bonus popups that appear when harvesting/tending etc.

This sits in well with the mission requirements which seem to concentrate on collecting bonus popups and gaining a full accumulator streak.

It does come with it's own new series of badges however:

Badge 1: Collect 3 Deliveries - Reward 100XP, 500 coins

Badge 2:  Collect 10 Deliveries - Reward 2'000XP, 1000 coins

Badge 3: Collect 100 Deliveries - Reward 5'000XP, 5'000 coins

Badge 4: Collect 500 Deliveries - Reward 8'000XP, 10'000 coins

More when we get it...