Wednesday 23 February 2011

Coop a load of this... EXCLUSIVE

It's what we've been after for ages... Expansions to our chicken coops and a chance to store those foul fowls away from view, and more importantly, away from killing the servers every time they load!

We know that those darn chickens and their farmers are one of the worst issues for server problems so hopefully this might help fix that.

The main reason for these coops are apparently a new varmint coming to town, the Coyote! It seems chickens inside coops are deemed to be "Protected" so best pray for any left outside! The coyote missions are found HERE.

All current coops will be upgraded to the new version which will store 10 chickens and include a weathervane on top that will be used to show how full a coop is at any given time. There is now a limit of four coops per homestead.

Then, once the expansions are completed you'll be able to store increasing amounts chickens inside the coop and collect from them in much the same way as the coops work in Farmville.

You need to have completed the Apple Pie Contest mission and start the expansion by clicking on the coop and selecting the upgrade option.

You'll then need to collect building materials from friends, most of which will be the classic materials (A nice bit of retro... ;)) You'll need:

15 Bricks, 15 Drills, 15 Hammers, 15 Nails, 15 Paint & 15 of the new specific request item, chicken wires.

That's for the FIRST expansion, of which there are four. As you expand you'll be able to fit more and more adult chickens in with the first expansion allowing 25 chickens to be stored (per expanded coop) up to the fourth which will allow 100.

Level 1 protect 10 - Default Build, 10 of each basic building supply.
Level 2 protect 25 - 15 of each building supply
Level 3 protect 50 - 20 of each building supply
Level 4 protect 75 - 25 of each building supply
Level 5 protect 100 - 30 of each building supply

The collection that comes from the coop and what you can craft stays the same, but obviously the biggest addition is the ability to store adult chickens.

Simply use the store cursor the same as with decorations or move the chicken onto the coop to store it. They must be ADULT chickens to be stored.

To collect from them you simply click the coop and open the feed dialog which lets you feed any amount in your coop as long as you have the energy, or use the daily bonus the same as before, which will also feed all the chickens outside the coop.

There will be two teaser missions which you can see HERE