Saturday 5 February 2011

Care Packages and Expansions

Now they're an active feature of the game, albeit slightly cut back due to issues, its fair to say Care Packages are an excellent tool for missions. However, what can appear and what can't?

This is what we believe will be the yay/nay of Care Package items for all the Expansion Missions to save you wasting a CP and finding the darn axe... (please note that Collection Items may need placing on a wishlist before opening the Package).

35x35 Expansions

35x35 Mission I - Fancy Clothing YES, Lunch Pails NO

35x35 Mission II - Fire YES

35x35 Mission III - Meadow Muffins - YES

35x35 Mission IV - Peach Pie YES Wagon Trailers NO

35x35 Mission V - Fireworks and Cake YES

37x37 Expansions

37x37 Mission I - Magnifying Glasses NO

37x37 Mission II - Fire YES

37x37 Mission III -Feather Bed YES

37x37 Mission IV -No items

37x37 Mission V - Land Grants YES

This list is not exhaustive, if you find an error please let us know.