Tuesday 15 February 2011

New Feature - Injured Animals

Over the next day or so we will see a new feature arrive on the Frontier - let your Animal loving instincts show by nursing injured animals back to health!

You may find an injured animal on your homestead, whilst clearing grass or feeding cows and oxen . You will be alerted when you find an injured animal with a pop-up asking you if you want to help or abandon the animal.

With your first injured animal you will get an initial mission where you will -
  • Move the Injured Animal
  • Feed 3 Critter Milk
  • Fully Rehabilitate the Animal by tending it
After this initial mission you will not get the mission again but you can still find more injured animals once every 1-3 days or so.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must move the Animal before healing it, otherwise it loses it's "injured" designation and you'll have to wait for another one to show up to complete the mission.

If you chose to help then you will need to ask your friends to send you milk bottles to give to the animal and restore them to full health. You can get up to 5 bottles from friends who click on your post and can post every 8 hours. You can also get milk from collecting from the feeds put up by neighbours. It will take 6 bottles to restore the animal to full health.

A visiting neighbour can tend your injured animal and heal it but it will use up one of YOUR critter milks, it's not counted as a freebie.

Once you have nursed it to health you get to keep it on your homestead and post to share some milk bottles with friends.

There are also 4 Badges to be released with this feature -

Badge 1 - Heal 3 Animals Reward 50 Xp, White Hedgehog.

Badge 2 - Heal 10 Animals - Reward 500XP, 1 Horse.

Badge 3 - Heal 25 Animals - Reward 1'000XP, Brown Alpaca.

Badge 4 - Heal 50 Animals - Reward 2'500XP, Red Ferret.

The Veterinarian Collection

Reward - First Aid Station