Friday 18 February 2011

Feeling a little under the weather? Our new Building might help.

Oh dear! Sometimes it seems being a good Samaritan has it's penalties, and it seems everyone on your homestead is going to be feeling the bad side of your generosity and hospitality...

After giving a poor sick traveller a place to sleep and some home comforts the rest of your family pick up the Prarie Pox!

Seems it's time for something a little more medicinal than some chicken soup is on the cards and you know what that means... We'll be building a Doctors Office on our homesteads to help us get over those nasty sniffles. It'll even come with Doc out front, a new permanent NPC who'll give out health advice when spoken to!

The illness will affect your avatars and need helping via a mission thread. If you visit a neighbour over Level 9 during this time you'll pass the infection on to them and begin the mission thread WITHOUT them going through the visitors part of it!

The Doctors Office is purchased from the market and is made using 10 clothes (crafted in your cabin) and 10 each of it's own building supplies that are requested from friends, Painkillers, Rubber Gloves, Hospital Beds, Painkillers and Masks (Sounds like the requirements list from the parties I used to go to as a teenager...)

Once built it has it's own Collection (Forceps, Stethoscope, Bone Saw, Bandage, Syringe) which, when traded in, gives 100XP and Medical Supplies, which are a usable item.

We'll also be getting a new tree, Peppermint, with it's own Collection too, rewarding One Peppermint Extract and 100 XP when traded in.

For all the mission requirements of the five illness missions go HERE.

We'll add more as we get it...