Friday 21 January 2011

New Mystery Animals!

It's that time again, the release of the eighth mystery animal crate from Zynga.

This time around there are actually two animals that you'd be likely to see on a homestead, although it must be said the third one is a little more... off the wall. ;) As with the contents of the Resolutions Crates it appears that once you have a certain animal you can't get it again unless you've first collected all nine.

First up we have the good old Frog, in all the traditional colours of Green, Yellow and... well, Purple (could happen).

Next up is swans (did you know in my home of the UK the Queen has control over swans?) and they come in Black, White and... Pink. Specially for the 9 year old girl in your life!

Finally, because it's not a Mystery Animal Crate without something head-scratchingly weird to appear on a Homestead, it's the seal in Grey, Brown or White.

They'll cost 35 Horseshoes for each crate with a 10XP boost for buying one and a 300XP boost for opening it.

Once on your homestead they'll give 4XP, 60 gold and 4 food each tend, with a 5XP bonus and 30 coins for a neighbour if they feed them when ready. Feeding an unready one gives 2XP and 25 coins.

You can also sell the animals for 3600 coins and 20 coins if you really don't like the one you've been given *cough*pink swan*cough*