Sunday 9 January 2011

Care Packages

Well, Care Packages certainly came and went pretty quickly!

However we think they'll be back so here is a quick rundown all about them...

The simple answer as to what a care package is, it's a mystery gift that gives something you need, not something chosen by a random roll number.

What IS in them: Stuff the game thinks you need. Building materials, quest items and even cross promo items as we've had someone pick up the Mafia Wars candycane for the Gingerbread house. If you don't have a building or mission on the go it seems to default to sharp axes.

What MIGHT be in them: Wishlist items. Now, these were exploited rather badly with the hack links so may well have been removed but previously stuff on your wishlist would pop from the crates. It's unconfirmed on whether this is still happening or has been removed for game balance. As it stands we're not sure if collection items are included, this would largely depend on the wishlist option being active.

What ISN'T in them: It would appear to be inventory items inside every one so no "doobers"; XP, energy, food or wood. There are also a few items that are coded not to appear, most of them are the requestable items for timed missions, rodeo hats, feed bags etc. Common mission items can apparently be found, even if they're a requestable.

The Most important possible thing to say is do NOT use a Care Package if you don't have a mission or a building on the go that requires items, otherwise you're likely to be cursed with Sharp Axes and to be honest they're not that much use...