Monday 24 January 2011

New Game Features For An Easier Experience

Well, it seems Frontierville are rolling out two new features that will hopefully help us with lessening clicks etc and with visiting neighbours playing hide-and-seek.

The first of these items is an expanded, or in fact, contracted, inventory menu (see right) which works in the same way as the select menu does for choosing between move/rotate/sell etc.

This will probably help loading issues and game speed as the large inventory menu would take up far more memory and server load because of it's size.

This new one will streamline the whole procedure and hopefully be a much welcomed addition.

The other new feature is a seeming answer to the game-old problem of neighbours tending things that aren't in plain view so "hiding" in the background.

They now appear to have installed "flags" for each neighbour that will give you an indicator of where they are, even if they've buried themselves in the deepest reaches of your forest.

Thankfully there appears to be an X on each flag so if you want to keep the neighbour around for a bit and hold onto the work they've done (or maybe they just make the place look pretty?) you can make the flag go away and stop cluttering the sky up.

Personally I think we should implement this in real life... there are a few times I've been wishing I could have had a heads up of someone approaching me from around a corner... this would solve a lot of awkward moments!

Still unsure when these will be reaching everyone, so far it seems a slow rollout... or a total tease as it was with snowy trees...