Wednesday 19 January 2011

New Building - The Barber Shop!

Yes folks, there's another new building in town, this time a Barber Shop with it's own staff, missions, a collection and some goodies.

It's brought to life by finishing the first Barber's Shop mission which unlocks it in the market.

The Barber Shop is bought in the market for 800 gold and 11 wood (before any discount) and requires one energy and seven wood for each whack, with 10 in total needed to build it up to almost complete.

It then needs 5 each of it's own building materials, Razors, Hair Dye, Smocks, Sinks, Spackles and Plaster to finish off totally, all of which is requested from neighbours.

Duting Building you'll probably pick up Barber Shop Collectibles, the Straight Razor, Bowtie, Hot Towel, Comb Sanitiser and Barber Chair:

The reward for handing that in is 50 Cloth and a Barbers Pole Decoration:

You'll also get the chance to recruit the Barbershop Quarter, a Barber and four friends to work the shop for you... (Actually five of your neighbours)

More info as and when we get it.