Monday 31 January 2011

New Crops - Roses

To go along with Valentines Day we'll be seeing some new floral crops this month.

The roses which come in Pink, White and Red are available after level 6 and each have different costs and growing times

Red Roses - 36 hours to grow - Wither in 3 days - 400 coins each - 12XP and 800 coins when harvested

Pink Roses - 14 hours to grow - Wither in 18 Hours - 300 coins each - 11XP and 500 coins when harvested

White Roses - 10 hours to grow - Wither in 20 hours - 200 coins each - 10XP and 335 coins when harvested 

They'll also all come with their own collections each containing a petal, a vase, a thorn, a bud and a bunch of a dozen roses for each colour.

Pink Rose Collection:

Prize: 25XP, Pink Rose Arbor

Red Rose Collection:

Prize: 25XP, Red Rose Arbor

White Rose Collection:

Prize: 25XP, White Rose Arbor

(More when we get it)