Friday 21 January 2011

New Fanny Wildcat Missions setting up for Valentines

Well folks, it seems that Fanny isn't being forgotten as we swiftly rush towards February and what has already been mentioned in official circles as the Valentines Love Triangle storyline.

Bess is here, Hank has had his missions and makeover and now, finally, Fanny is getting her "setup" missions too and becoming, as Bess and Hank are, an active NPC (Non Player Character, someone you can't click and control) on our Homesteads that we can talk to.

The location is unconfirmed but I wouldn't hide your schoolhouse if I were you... Like Hank she won't come to the dinner bell/triangle, at the moment the only NPC who will is Bess.

We know the new Hank missions were introduced so that newer players could get access to the Barbers Shop and the new Hunky Hank without having to work through the expanded General Store missions etc (We know Zynga do try to make the special missions accessible to as many as possible).

Now, Fanny gets her character a little padding out as well and, just like Hank, these missions are appearing BEFORE the original missions that "introduced" her, spawning as it does from Ingredients, which comes straight after building the school and before Getting Ready For The Schoolmarm.

How this will impact new players as regards Fanny's Letters we're unaware as Fanny will now be there to talk to... However as talking to Fanny gives you the same potential for picking up a Family Collection Item as getting a letter did I'm assuming that all the letters have now been replaced by talking to Fanny to organise all the new missions, meaning new players will get different dialog from the "I'm on my way" chats that originally appeared.

So, obviously this is pushing towards Valentines and I think with comments made around the Dance Floor at New Year and the hints from "up above" this will involve us getting one of the eligible ladies together with Hank...

This is pretty obviously going to be a thread coming soon so that's a bit of excitement to wait for... especially as I can imagine the debates that'll rage when we need to pick between the two... Does anyone know where I can get a gross of "Team Fanny" and "Team Bess" Tshirts made up? (Zynga, if you see this and go for it, I want some royalties! ;))

Although as Brian Reynolds, Chief Frontierville bod asked this, it could be something that'll give some gamers an attack of the vapours... ;)

"Today's ponderable... should FrontierVille's Feb love triangle love story include letting you hook up the two girls? "The Liara Option...""

Of course, that's forgetting the final option... Hank and Bess, Hank and Fanny, Fanny and Bess or... Hank, Fanny AND Bess..? That would put the cat amongst the pigeons on both the Frontier and with a section of the fans I'd say! Although it may go some way to explaining the size of Hank's grin in his new picture...