Friday 14 January 2011

New Building - The Trading Post!

This is going to be the latest building on the Frontier coming soon, the Trading Post!

This building will allow trading old mission items with Frontier Jacques for amounts of XP, coins, wood or food along with a new collection and extra items...

With trading you'll be allowed 200 trades per day.

The building will need 10 each of new building materials, the Tile, Awl, Beam, Blanket, Sarsparilla and 20 of the good old classic Hand Drill. The new materials can only be requested once a day.

The Trading Post Collection rewarding a fast hands boost (tend five things for one energy a la, hiring a neighbour) and 1000 coins:

The missions to get the Trading Post are now live on the Missions Page, to get them and unlock the Post you'll need to have completed "Search For Lost Nails".

More info as we get it...