Monday 31 January 2011

New Building - The Chapel

You've asked for it, and Frontierville have provided!

We know this has been one of the most wanted buildings in the history of Frontierville so here it is for you all, your own Frontier Chapel for your worshipping and, may we even say, marrying needs... After all, it's funny we're getting these just before Valentines, eh? ;)

For the Chapel Missions go HERE or for details on the new crops that the Chapel brings (Roses) go HERE.

You need to have passed the Learning mission (or can unlock it for 22 Horseshoes) and then it'll cost 500 coins and 100 wood, giving you 75 XP for placing it.

Once placed it takes 10 whacks to complete the frame and then you need 10 each of it's own proprietary building materials, in the same vein as the recent buildings have.

Once built it's customisable and it comes with it's own collection which drops when you're building it and from the Daily Bonus which appears to break from the norm and give Reputation Hearts, normally only obtainable from neighbours.


Prize: 25XP and a Chapel Bell:

Inside you'll be able to craft Pamphlets and Choir Robes, both of which you'll require for the series of Chapel Missions.

(More when we get it)