Friday 21 January 2011

RewardVille to become the shopping centre for Zynga Players?

Play Zynga Games -Earn zCoins - Get Sweet Game Items

Sound good to anyone? Well, that's what we could see soon with Zynga's latest site idea,

Rumours have flown around for quite some time now about mentions of the domain and of zpoints or zcoins that could be earnt from playing Zynga games. Now it seems to have solidified into something concrete if their site is anything to go by.

As you play one or more games you earn points up to a maximum per-game level.

The more games you play, the more you get to spend, although logically the fewer games you play the less you'd NEED to spend so it's all fair in the end really, this isn't going to be an unfair thing for players who don't want to play other games... although if you just nipped on other games once a day there might be some nice stuff coming your way ;)

So, what sort of thing will zcoins be used for?

The rewards are believed to be the items listed HERE. These are some of them...

The site appears to be going to be active on both and on Zynga's own address.