Wednesday 26 January 2011

New Building - Groundhog Trap

The latest building to be revealed on the Frontier is the Groundhog Trap, copying previous new buildings this will require 5 each of it's own special building materials (not available from Care Packages).

It then can be upgraded once you have recruited 6 "engineers" which are friends in the same way as crewing the Barber Shop.

The mechanics of the trap is this: It'll catch everyone within a small radius (larger when upgraded) and is "set" using up one energy each time it's used and you can place multiples to cover all your veggie plots! There's also a rumour that you, or if you're feeling generous a friend, might get a little furry bonus sometimes when trapping.

These are the two pesky guys you'll be trapping, A Sping Groundhog Fred on the left and a Winter Groundhog called Phil on the right. These are originally Varmints to be caught in the same vein as the Headless Horseman but, once missions III and IV are completed (see our Missions Page for details) they become Mystery Animals on your homestead, Fred after III and Phil after IV

They're helped to be lured out by collecting, during the missions, these cute little Groundhog decoys... Anyone else thinking of the old cartoons with Bugs Bunny in drag?