Saturday 3 September 2011

WARNING: Mastery Missions Issue

A warning regarding the new Mastery Missions, specifically Mission III, Master of Agriculture.

The first requirement is to complete a Mastery Mission, however at this point you SHOULD NOT choose to do the Badger Mastery. If you start a Mastery mission you can't start another one until it is complete.....HOWEVER The ONLY way to get a FREE Badger, which you will need to complete that Mastery, is by completing Master of Agriculture!! 

Don't get stuck with having to buy a badger with HORSESHOES or waiting on Support to help out. Pick a different animal to Master first and wait for your free badger once you have completed Master of Agriculture.

So, when doing Masters of Agriculture, pick one of the other 5 animals that are all openly available (Moose through Gifting).

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