Saturday 3 September 2011

Animal Mastery - Feed 'um up!

Pioneers are being given the opportunity to get something back for feeding up some of their current (and some new) animals with the introduction of a new Animal Mastery building called The 3F Mastery Club! 

Have a look at the 3 over-view missions HERE to see how you earn that little guy >>>

You will be prompted to place your building frame and whack it 10 times and then you will you need to collect these materials in order to complete it - 

Once completed the building looks like this - It's quite LARGE!

You will notice that it says "Get Missions" in the menu - You will need to complete the INITIAL Over view MISSION first in order to unlock these missions, which are repeatable and give valuable Mastery points.

Once the initial mission has completed you will be able to purchase Mastery mission - Look at the two new animals - The Moose and the Badger!  (Both are rewards for completing the initial missions)

That isn't the only way you will get Mastery points. As you use your feeder you will gain 1 Mastery point every time you feed an animal of that type. When you feed an animal that has mastery available you will see your Mastery Stats pop up telling you how many more you need to feed to reach the next level - which is pretty neat!

As you complete Mastery levels you will unlock breeds and types of those animals to place on your Homestead to show your friends how well you have done! - 

Look out for the Moose which will be available in the free gifts area so you can send one to your friends and hopefully get some back!

There are also 3 new collections -

What do you think to Animal Mastery? Are you looking forward to this feature? Come and let us know at our FACEBOOK FANPAGE