Tuesday 13 September 2011

Pottin' and Plantin'

If there's one thing a good Pioneer needs its a potting shed to call their own, somewhere to escape the Frontier and stretch out with a paper and a drink... Oh, and it might even help you grow things...

It's time to build one of your very own on your Frontier to help the Doc cure a couple of unfortunate health problems being suffered by Granny.

It should be a familiar process to anyone in the game, after the popup we'll place the base, whack it a few times and then need to collect 6 new building materials... At the same time starting off the new three mission thread.

Once that's done we'll see the real beauty of the Shed, the ability to craft a 2x4 planter which will be needed for the missions!

There's also going to be two new crops on the homestead, Cranberries and Pineapples to grow...

And a new Potting Shed Collection which will gift Wildflower Debris :)

So, do you like the new crops? Are you excited about crafting a Planter? Come let us know on our Facebook Page.