Friday 9 September 2011

Gettin' Ready For Schoolin'

It's that awful time of the year again, time to buy some new itchy britches and a horrible tie, clear out an old sandwich that was left in your rucksack so long over summer it's evolved into a sentient life form and start to cross the days off until Christmas...

It's time to get back to school... *Dramatic bass laden music*

Yep, seems our Fanny is back and that means it's time to uniform up the kids, sharpen their pencils and fling them in the general direction of school in the happy knowledge we'll have some peace and quiet during the day.

It'll all start off with an exclamation mark over your oldest child, a child who's not all that happy...

So, before you're cursed with days spent home schooling instead of sitting in your underwear on the sofa you know what needs to be done, fill the kid with excitement and confidence (and pets, more on that later).

This will kick off the two Back To School Missions and the chance to upgrade the school.

Once that's done you'll open up the Confidence Missions where you'll help your child gain that all important confidence and assuredness that will make sure they will always be the flusher, not the flushee, in the head/toilet interaction of life.

These are three missions that are repeated three times, giving you a grand total of nine missions.

To complete them you'll need to craft items in the School's new Crafting Menu...

Completing each set of three missions give you a pet to look after, a giant hamster, a dalmation (non trainable) and finally a ridable pony for your child!

And of course, the best bit of all... "bu-bye kiddo! Have a good day at school... and relax..."