Monday 26 September 2011

People in Glass Houses...

...should grow some big crops!

We've been hoping for something like this for some time and now it's here, it's time to build your own interactive greenhouse to give you a bundle of varmint-free, neighbour tendable crop space!

The greenhouse (which comes with four missions that unlock crops) might well be one of the best buildings to hit the Homestead for some time now, as, unlike some of the recent space fillers, this will do a double task of being very useful and actually GAINING you some space!

It's all started out in the usual way, a whackable base then a number of building supplies...

But then, when it's done the fun begins! Although the menu has the traditional "Go Inside" option but unlike every other building, this one REALLY means it... Clicking "Go Inside" will take you into your own little greenhouse space...

In here you'll have 25 free squares of crop growing room that'll be varmint free AND last longer! (You can also use your Harvester and Planter)

The icing on the cake is also that you'll also be able to go inside neighbours' greenhouses, so if a mission requires tending neighbour crops you can tend to the crops INSIDE the greenhouse, unlike all other storage spaces that require you to take items out onto the normal homestead.

Finally it also comes with three new crops that will unlock during the missions...

And it's own collection.

Do you like the Greenhouse? Does it's usefulness mean it's the best recent building? Come let us know on our Facebook Page.