Tuesday 27 September 2011

Bringing up Baby...

There aint many babies can build their own crib, including chopping down the trees for the wood, but Baby Bunyan can!

This pint-sized youngerjack is a comin' to your homestead and if you feed him, clothe him and give him his own axe you'll soon find there's nothin' on your homestead can clear trees faster than a big strong Baby Bunyan!

You'll get a three mission thread appear and, when clearing out trees will find yourself a bawling Baby Bunyan, ready for you to get growing.

You grow him by completing the missions and by feeding him Super Baby Gro which you get by requesting it from neighbours.

The best part is you don't need to keep doing this. Once you've got him all growed up he's a permanent addition to your homestead.

BUT, I hear you cry, why do we want him? Well, this is where the best part come in. Baby Bunyan keeps the family Bunyan genes which means he's a top lumberjack! Every day you can ask Baby Bunyan to cut down up to three adult lumber trees :)

So with a little feeding and some TLC you can be clearing out those trees much faster :D

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