Thursday 8 September 2011

Frontierville Express goes Multi-Lingual

We're proud to say that after a successful trial on our sister site we're now making the entire Frontierville Express package multilingual!

Obviously because language isn't cut and dried we can never promise 100% of what you get is perfect, you need a real live human for that kind of perfect translation, but hopefully for all our members who DON'T have English as their first language, this will make things easier to keep on top of our information and the Frontierville missions.

So... how does it work? Well, the best way to learn is by doing so let's give it a shot.

Look under our Facebook badge to the right for a little menu that says "Select Language". Use that to select your language, as soon as you've picked it, the page should translate... You may see some formatting errors but the best part is the translation STAYS, so when you navigate the site each new page will auto translate, give it a try!

That's it! keep an eye out for that widget on the left hand side of EVERY page just under our Facebook badge :)