Friday 23 September 2011

Shaman Lodge - Halloween Charms!

It may only be the end of September but Laughing Bear the Shaman is predicting that things are going to go bump in the night this Halloween! So, it's time to get building and collecting the rewards to prepare for the event!

Building the Shaman Lodge will give you the opportunity collect Charms, which he is predicting we will need plenty off to ward off the fright night!

Laughing Bear will appear on your Homestead with the prompt to place the building - Along with

You will need to collect some new things in order to complete the lodge -

Once complete you will collect the daily bonus every day in order to collect the Charms - and if you are able to finish the building collection you will be able to redeem it for a Totem Pole which will give out Charms too! At the moment we have no idea what these Charms will be used for, but they seem pretty important so the sooner we complete and start collecting the better!

What do you think to this new building? Would you like to see more buildings that are in-keeping with the Frontier theme? Are you looking forward to Halloween on the Frontier this year?

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