Tuesday 20 September 2011

The New Band Are Capital!

Frontierville is teaming up with Capital One for a new game feature all based around the story of the Capital One animal band!

You'll see a pop up soon showing you the band escaping a bunch of ravaging Visigoths but getting split up on the way... and they need your help to get back together again.

Once you see the pop up the MISSIONS will launch and you'll be given the chance to build the new Capital One Bandstand.

After a few whacks you'll be left with two options that will both be needed for the missions, the upgrade menu...

...and the crafting options for the bands instruments!

You'll also get a menu to tell you how far advanced along the road you are to getting the band back together!

Once you've completed it you'll have the chance to activate the band, four placeable decorations AND the reward from the final mission, the Rockin' Horse :)

Oh, and there's also a collection to be had ;)