Thursday 12 January 2012

She's Looking Radiant...

It's time for the Frontier to hear the pitter patter of new tiny feet... Yes, our Schoolmarm Fanny has got rather worried about class sizes so has taken matters into her own hands and decided to proactively add one to her classroom!

Yes, Hank and Fanny have had a bountiful honeymoon and will soon be introducing the Frontier to Frank or Hannie...

Of course, what that DOES mean is neither the little room in the attic of the School or the rooms above the General store are really big enough for the burgeoning family and it's time to make Hank and Fanny the kind of family house that they can live their lives in.

Building the Hank and Fanny family home is going to take quite an effort, with a lot of resources and five missions, taking you through the new house storyline.

The house starts as a simple earth and wood plot on the ground, but will work it's way through FIVE stages of building to finally give them a house to be proud of.

For all the information on crafting resources and building requirements go to our crafting guide HERE.

So a new young-un, a new family home and a new start... that's always a great way to start a New Year.