Thursday 19 January 2012

Growth Spurts!

"Tired of sitting around waiting on that
garden to grow?!"

"Oh yes Bob!"

"Then you need NEW Humble Bob's Irrigation Station!"

"Wow, that sounds great, what does it
DO Bob?"

"I'm so glad you asked Bess, well, my patented
Irrigation Station makes sure ALL your crops are
well watered and cared for in the correct
environment to promote healthy growth!"

"I love healthy growth Bob!"
"Don't we all, don't we all?! Well, we GUARANTEE
a 20% reduction in all crop times thanks to BobTech
licensed watering techniques, that's not 5 or 10 but
TWENTY PERCENT off all crop time!"

"And how do we get it Bob?"
"I'm SO glad you asked, we want to promote togetherness
and neighbourliness on the Frontier so all you need to do is
buy my plans and share items with your neighbours (who can
also buy my plans, tell them Bob sent you) and you can have
your very own Irrigation Station on your homestead!"

The Irrigation Station - More Water, Less Wait!

[Please note: the Irrigation Station can also be purchased fully built at the recommended retail price of 200 Horseshoes. Humble Bob is not liable for any injuries caused during the building and use of this product or any other in the Humble Bob range of garden implements. This is not a toy, not suitable for Pioneers under 3 due to small parts.]