Tuesday 17 January 2012

Room For The Mall

Hank's not JUST a pretty face, he's also a handy man to have around with his building tools and clever little ideas... It seems building a house for Fanny isn't enough and he has bigger, and more commercial things on his mind that'll help YOU with space on your homestead!

Hank's put his head together with his drawing board and invented... the EMPORIUM!

Combining ELEVEN different shops, all in one Shopping Centre which will save massive amounts of space and STILL leave the buildings collectible from and craftable in!

First up we need to build the Emporium with the normal collection of building supplies... Don't worry about the big footprint, we'll soon show you in the long run this is going to save you space!

Once built the Emporium will house up to 11 different shops from our homestead... The Trading Post, Land Office, Bank, General Store, Tailor Shop, Barber Shop, Kennel, Pet Store, Inn, Toll Booth and Fireworks Stand!

Once inside things will get quite a bit easier! You can go inside and see any building you have and individually collect their building bonus or craft inside them...

Or you can use the new "Collect ALL Bonuses" feature AND the new combined crafting window, select which building to craft from at the top, then away you go!

It's also fully customiseable...

...and has it's own collection!

Now, down to what I'm sure you'll all be asking... how much space WILL this save me? Allow us, with the aid of some images, to show you...

This image shows the size of the Emporium compared to the buildings it replaces...

...and, even more obvious, this shows you in crop squares what you'll be saving, the crop area is the footprint of all 11 shops, the red rectangle is the footprint of the Emporium.

As you can see, the saving IS large, in fact the emporium is just over 31% the size of the buildings it contains. The 11 buildings in all take up 77 crop squares of room (actually 76.5 but what's half a crop between friends?) and the emporium is a bijou 24 squares!

Looking forward to the shopping haven? Fancy more storage items such as this in the future? Come let us know on our Facebook Page.