Tuesday 31 January 2012

The Golden Railway!

It's Pioneer times which means it's a time of innovation and new technology, including the widespread birth of the Railroad!

So why should you be left out of the fun? Especially when your older brother Jasper is coming into town to enlist your help in a shiny little adventure called the Gold Rush! (there's signpost two down!)

It all starts with a letter from Jasper needing some assistance after putting all his money into the Gold Rush... and he just needs you to build yourself a railway station so he can roll into town...

This kicks off a four mission thread (all details HERE) and the exciting storyline of creating your own Railway station... but don't worry about room, this time we get something to keep OFF the homestead!

This special area will appear above the top right of your stead, right now it's empty land but with a little bit of work (see the Crafting Guide HERE for full details) you'll be rocking along and making your very own Grand Central stop on the burgeoning Frontier Railroad network!

Once you're done you'll be able to collect the Railroad bonus for special building materials, decorations and animals being transported in each day on cargo trains and get parts for the Railroad Collection with a generous reward of 300XP and a Granny Gut Punch...

But, finally, the most exciting of all... The railroad is only the first step on the road to Gold Rush! A new expansion land where we can go mining like true Pioneer Panhandlers!

So get them sleepers down and let the smoky iron horse in... We've got a bright future ahead...