Thursday 5 January 2012

Little Crow makes her garden grow

If there's one thing the Wikiwah know it's... well, everything. So far they've given us their input on ghostly goings on, exorcism, horses, religion and veterinary skills.

Well, now it's time for (another) lesson from the tribe as Little Crow brings the green thumb she used to create special Wikiwah crops to the homestead! (I believe she trades under LC-Corp Genetically Modified Crops...)

"You will eat my crops and then I shall rule the world!"
LC-Corp Chairgirl Little Crow in the least megalomaniacal image from her latest photoshoot.
It all starts with a THREE MISSION THREAD and by recreating Little Crow's Wikiwah Crop Nursery on your homestead (yep, a new building, face it, you knew this was coming!) with the usual 6 new building items:

Once that's done and certain missions have been passed you'll be introduced to the three new crops you'll be crafting including Buttercorn that can drop Fast Hands Boosts and Energy when tended!

Hazelnuts are from Hazelnut Trees.

Longhorn Fertilizer comes from Longhorn Cattle.

Hummingbird Nectar comes from Hummingbirds.

There's also one new tree and two new animals to be found, all of which will help towards the crafting!

And finally, yep, a collection!