Thursday 12 January 2012

Riding the Tunnel of Love!

It's time for a little love on the Frontier! (Again!)

We may have one happy couple in Hank and Fanny but it's time to spread the wonder of love wider! And to do that we're going to build ourselves a Tunnel of Love ride! The gentle swaying of the boat, the mood lighting, the decorations... it'll soon mean the whole frontier gets to feel the fuzzyness!

We'll get a note on our homestead which will prompt us to place the Tunnel and start the first 'Overview' mission. The Tunnel, as is to be expected now, needs six new building supplies:

Once built... it's MISSION TIME!

Yes, clicking the Tunnel, even before it's completed, opens up a window showing all TWELVE daily missions. Every player will have the first two missions and then receive the rest in 24 hour intervals...

During the missions you'll also need to access a variety of crafting options:

Pine Wood is from Pine Trees.

Fluffy Stuffing is from Geese.

Harvest White Roses for Buds
Badger Felt is obtained from tending Badgers.

Picnic Food drops from Adult Cows, Apple Trees and Wheat

Refined Iron comes from rocks, Hammers come from Oak Trees.

One thing we'll also see is a swathe of new items!

New on the gift page...

New in the market (note the price, most items are COIN purchases)...

And a new collection with an animal prize!

So get the love flowing on the Frontier... including on our Facebook Page where we'd love to welcome you with open arms.