Thursday 26 January 2012

It's A Date!

Doesn't time fly when you're in love?!

It certainly doesn't seem like a year ago we were building the Chapel of Love and setting Fanny and Hank on the road to matrimonial happiness but it was!

Now the year is over Hank is determined to make the anniversary date a good one... but as we all know poor Hank is fairly useless when it comes to doing anything and always needs our help (frankly I'm amazed they managed the conception, what a mission thread THAT would have been...) and we'll soon be up to our leather belts in date related madness!

The first thing you'll spot is a new area of land off to the right hand side in the usual "bonus land" area, this is where the date's going to be.

As you work through the missions (all details HERE) the area will get more and more romantic as you clean up the lake, build a gazebo, get Fanny all purdied up, help cook the food and finally run off and get the bunch of flowers the great eejit Hank SHOULD have bought! (But hey, it's not like he owns the store or anything...)

The missions will also involve a fair bit of crafting in a number of different screens:

Fixing Up The Lake:

Preparing Fanny:

Gussy Fanny Up:

Finishing Touches:

The items will be a mix of homestead duties, other crafting, requests and mission rewards, for all the details go HERE.

And finally we'll be seeing two new free gifts...

And, along with those two, another item to buy in the market, unlocking as we go through!

So... best make it a good one for them!