Monday 31 October 2011

Make 'n' Bake...

I think we all know a wedding takes a toll on the old wallet so it's no surprise to hear Fanny needs a bit of help fundraising for some new playground equipment!

Of course, there's nothing like a good old fashioned bake sale to raise a bit of community spirit (and cash) so it's time to get a Brick Oven built, and to teach your child all they need to know about baking some gorgeous, and energy powered, snack food!

You'll get the usual popup which will start a chat going with your eldest child, who's determined to help out and learn how to bake.

This will kick off the Bake Sale Missions and also let you place the brick oven, a crafting building made with the now traditional six items.

Once built you'll get bakery based rewards from each mission completed and be able to use those items (along with some others) to bake up tasty treats in the Oven.

Each item is a two step procedure, baking chocolate chips helps make chocolate chip cookies which, when eaten, are worth a +10 to your energy.

Baking ganache can then be made into Chocolate Molten cake which, when eaten, gives you a +25 to your energy.

And finally, the MASSIVE  Crazy Cake! This is baked from milk chocolate and will give you a whopping +100 to your energy AND a permanent +1 to your energy bar.

And, of course, some new collections!

So it's time to get baking!

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