Monday 17 October 2011

The Deathly Dozen

As the wispy clouds slide across a shining full moon, obscuring the light and sending strange shadows across the floor you take a look around your homestead, feeling a chill down your spine as you peek around your barn and...


"Jack, what have I told you, wear pyjamas if you're going sleepwalking... Now, about these flipping ghosts..."

Yes, it's time for our homesteads to have a spectral invasion! Over the course of 12 days we'll be visited by a dozen ghostly apparitions on our homesteads who we'll need to help gain some peace, or at least find somewhere else to haunt with some REPEATABLE missions! (and no building!)

In return we'll pick up some fairly nice prizes including a new rideable horse and some feline company... Yes folks, it's time for the appearance of pet cats!

Your first hint of something getting ghostly is the appearance of a new icon on the right hand side...

...which will open up the Haunted Homestead interaction screen!

As you can see, the missions will work in the same way as the 12 days of Christmas/Baggins Missions. Each day over the course of 12 we'll get a new ghost to help out, along with their own personal mission.

Once you complete 6 missions you'll get a pet black cat...

And once you finish all 12 you'll get the Phantasm Rideable Horse!

Well, actually you'll get the Phantasm Horse once you prise it from an old acquaintance...

Yep, he's b-a-a-a-a-a-ck! Seems these ghost were brought from the spirit world by the Headless Horseman who's going to need a good clobbering before you can finish and get the horse! (It's just whacking him a few times..)

That's not all though, you'll notice you're picking up Tarot Cards as you progress...

These will be used for a three mission series where collecting those Cards (the missions are repeatable) will get more rewards including two more cats, one white and one tabby!

The Cards will also be used for the Tarot Card Sweepstakes! The more cards you have, the more chances to win! (More details to come soon.)

So, there's just one last question...