Thursday 13 October 2011

Sucker or Biter?

I think we all know honesty and trust are two of the cornerstones of any marriage, so what do you do if your little "problem" is something you wouldn't like to reveal to anyone (even a trained doctor...)?

Well, here on the Homestead, at Halloween, our newlyweds will be turning to YOU to help them out of a troublesome little quandry they both have involving some family history that's got to come out eventually...

Our little go at becoming marriage counsellors starts with this popup, that gives some indication of the secrets they both know they should own up to...

So Fanny has a history of needing Factor 5'000 protection, liking her steak extra rare and her stake even rarer. Hank on the other hand goes through a dozen razors a week and constantly has to stop himself from chasing carts...

So, it's fair to say both have their advantages, be it flying like a bat or licking your... anyway, advantages. But obviously for a married couple it's probably good to have these things out on the open, at least to get the excuse ready for any unpleasant things left on the doormat you can't blame on Granny's cat.

This is where you come in...

First off you'll be asked to build a Halloween Hutch (not a bunny hutch, it's like a cabinet... no I haven't heard of it either). In that you'll be able to craft potions.

These potions will be integral to the following missions and will allow you to transform your avatar into a Vampire (4 hours quickness), a Werewolf (4 hours Fast hands) or a combination, with your Avatar showing the change... (Ladyshave anyone?)

It'll also start off the first mission in the set, starting your path towards getting the lovebats, sorry, loveBIRDS back in a harmonious relationship.

Once that first mission is completed you'll get this screen in the Hutch.

This will guide you through repeating the following two missions three times, each twice gaining you a special Halloween reward until you finally get Hank and Fanny to bite and return to each others claws arms and win yourself a PET BAT... (Yes, it'll follow you around just like a dog)

You'll get crates as rewards which can hold the following:

...and might have one of two new trees, which (along with the Hutch) have their own collections:

So now it just comes down to this... are you a biter, a sucker, or both? Let us know on our Facebook Page.