Tuesday 25 October 2011

Crafting Workshop

If your homestead needs a little brightening up the answer might be in the newest addition to our ranks, Lee, and his Crafting Workshop!

Once built the Workshop will let you build four items initially to place on your homestead! And it all starts off with the usual popup.

Once placed we're in familiar territory with the 6 items needed to complete it and the popup of the four mission thread!

Inside the crafting workshop is where the magic happens. Completing each task opens up the next and gives you items needed to complete the final decoration.

So the first crafting mission is for fence planks, then the second is for tools, and finally those are added together to make ivy strewn white picket fencing! (and actually at a reasonable amount of items, just 1 or 2 each craft and you get two pieces of fence per go)

At the moment the Crafting Workshop can build White Picket Fences, Grassy Stone Paths, a Pond and... Robo Chickens.

Yes, Robo Chickens. I can sense your giddy amazement from here.

It'll also come with it's own collection of course!

So, do you like the idea of crafting decorations? What else would you like to see? Let us know on our Facebook Page.