Thursday 20 October 2011

Little Black Riding Wood

[Please note this feature will only last until November 18th]

We all know the old pictures, the black clad lady on her broomstick flying across in front of the moon... and now that can be you as new rideable broomsticks and a new witches outfit are unleashed.

It'll kick off with the usual popup...

That'll introduce yet another new building into the mix, the Spooky Shack and a three mission thread.

As usual it'll take six building supplies...

And once built will have a menu of craftable items including rideable broomsticks!

As you can see, to make the items you'll need Tricks and Treats, these are got through a whole new mechanic visiting friends, when you do you'll see this screen where you can decide what to give your friends...

You'll then, depending on your choice, get one of two messages.

The other building items, as well as being requestable from friends, will also appear from clearing debris on yours or a neighbours homestead. The Corn Bristles for the broom are found harvesting corn on your homestead of a neighbours.

It's not all just decorative either as the bags can be collected daily...

And the broomsticks can, as said before, be ridden and matched with the witches outfit that comes from the mission rewards!

You'll also have a collection to be found...

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