Tuesday 4 October 2011

Crop Mastery arrives!

It's time to whip out the gardening gloves and overalls for it's time to get ready for 4 new missions, 10 repeatable Mastery Quests and 2 new Crops each with their own collection! Crop Mastery is here!

The Crop Mastery will be held in quite a sweet new garden building which you will be prompted to place when the crop mastery arrives at your Homestead. You will also start 4 INTRO MISSIONS.

You will need to collect these new items in the usual way to complete your garden - 

The completed garden and menu will look like this once completed.

As with Animal mastery you will be able complete repeatable missions in order to gain more mastery points, as well as harvesting fields of crops manually. However, with crop mastery, gaining mastery levels will also give the added bonus of bettering your chances that "Super Seed" packets will drop. These will be stored in your inventory and are accessible via the Garden menu. These Super seeds will give extra XP, Food, and coins (Amounts to be confirmed). Super Seeds can also be purchased for HS in the Market.

At the moment these are the following crops that offer MASTERY MISSIONS - 

As you can see below the Mastery levels offer more chances of Super Seeds dropping each time you level 

As you will have seen we have a new crop, Melons, which come with their own Mastery missions. We will also have another new crop, Orchids!

Look out for Melons to send to your friends!

Both of the new crops also have their own collections too 

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