Saturday 19 November 2011


Well, If we weren't already fully fledged members of the 3F Club we sure should be soon... We've been mastering animals, mastering crops and there's just the one thing left, mastering fruit trees!

As is the way with these Mastery Missions we'll be asked to build a new building, the Thinking Tree by Granny (Who must have a relation in a builders merchants I think...)

The Thinking Tree will need 6 new (and in some cases almost zen like) building materials. (Is anyone else slightly concerned about asking friends for daydreams? I KNOW my friends, the things they daydream about are likely to scare me...)

This is a pre-release image, part titles will vary in game.
Once it's fully built we'll see a very familiar mechanic, tending to certain fruit trees (Cherry and Apricot, plus the new Orange and Lemon) will add mastery points, as will completing mastery missions, one for each tree type. PLEASE NOTE: Do not start mastery missions if you don't have the trees to complete them - Orange trees cost horseshoes - Lemon trees do too, but they can be gifted.

Once you reach the second level of mastery for a tree it will potentially drop seeds that can grow into normal, or even Giant versions of that tree, with the Giant versions giving much more reward for tending.

Included in the mastery are two new trees, Lemon and Orange trees along with buyable Giant Trees.

Both Trees are Horseshoe Purchases in the Market, however Lemon Trees are also available from the free gifting page...

And, of course, we'll be seeing another new collection...

So, what's your thoughts on Tree Mastery, come let us know on our Facebook Page.