Wednesday 23 November 2011

Big, White and Hairy...

It's time for a little Native American assistance from an impressive source, the legendary White Buffalo of the Wikiwah tribe that grants prosperity to those who are pure of heart!

Laughing Bear has been so taken with your pioneer spirit, seeing how you run your homestead and fighting alongside you in the Ghost Town he's decided to help you build a White Buffalo Shrine and see if you can summon the great White Buffalo of Legend.

The shrine is a very small footprint building that needs the usual 6 building items and comes with two associated missions.

Once built you'll be able collect from the Shrine (And the White Buffalo itself when the missions are completed ) and possibly pick up a Gift of The White! This is a potion that will double your speed and, much better, double your XP for two minutes!

So, are you looking forward to summoning the White Buffalo of Wikiwah legend? Let us know on our Facebook Page.