Wednesday 9 November 2011

Give Thanks by Giving Food!

Times are tight on the old Frontier and as Thanksgiving approaches there's five poor families who aren't looking forward to a full table this year for one reason or another... (Let's be honest, considering how much Fanny spent on her Wedding and how long the Honeymoon was it's no big surprise they're a bit broke...)

Well, have no fear! Bess' Dad Cookie is back to save the day, with your help of course, and provide a good Thanksgiving Dinner for all those facing hardship.

The first thing you'll spot is the return of that there land extension bottom right! Yup, it's time for whoever owns that land to start moaning about squatters again as Cookie parks up his fabled Thanksgiving Gravy Train ready to help.

Clicking on either the Gravy Train or the Cook Meals Icon will take you to the main screen for the five Thanksgiving Missions, showing you the 5 families who need help and the main reward for helping them out.

Each family will need a mission completing, and a package of food made up to give them a cracking holiday to be thankful for! The families are;

Fanny and Hank, who will give you a Prize Turkey for helping them out...

The McBaggins, who unlock the new sweet potato crop...

The McDinkles, who give you a Pilgrim Chicken...

The Burton's, who give you a Bountiful Harvest, which can be collected from once a day to give super seeds...

And finally Laughing Bear and Little Crow's family who will give you a Book of Experience!

The Gravy Train also contains a large Crafting Bench that helps you cook up the meals for the needy families, with many of the ingredients dropping from crops harvested on your homestead.

(Corn Kernels from Corn, Peas from Peas, Ripe Pumpkins from Pumpkins, Large Potatoes from Potatoes and breadcrumbs from Wheat)

Finish all five and you've become the saviour of the Frontier Thanksgiving and will be praised far and wide for your cooking skills, not to mention by thanked at many a table...

Which just leaves you free to try out that new Sweet Potato crop in the market and to try and collect the new Sweet Potato Collection!

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