Wednesday 16 November 2011

Big Chief Unhappy Brother...

Oh dear, despite helping Little Crow get her tribe's horses back it seems she's still in trouble, only this time it's with big brother Thunder Moon and not with Laughing Bear her dad.

Thunder Moon is VERY unimpressed with Little Crow's desire to be a "Girl of Cows" like Bess and is all for dragging the young girl back to the Tribal Lands, but Laughing Bear has a suggestion... and it's time for you and Bess to show you can teach Little Crow the tricks of the Frontier and gain the respect of her tribe!

You'll see the Shaman hut has gained two things, a camp fire and a Thunder Moon! You'll also see the menu inside has some new menu options, the most important being the Tribal Respect screen. (If you don't have a Shaman Lodge they're now a "free" building with no supplies needed)

In here you can see your respect level, the gifts available for each step up and it lets you start the three repeatable missions that gain you respect from the tribe, each of which introduces a new bit of the feature.

The first mission introduces you to the new injured animal, the Otter.

When the mission isn't active, Otters can come from clearing out debris, but never fear, while the mission is on the go, you don't need to waste any debris as the mission itself will have a green button to make the Otter appear automatically!

The second mission introduces (via the button on the Shaman Lodge) a more traditional collect and build mission, needing six building supplies to craft an offering to the Tribal Spirits.

And finally the third mission is to craft some fine Native American moccasins through a traditional crafting window.

Completing these missions gives you Native American Crates that can hold a number of different goodies.

We'll also be seeing a brand new crop that is unlocked once we reach level 3 of Tribal respect, White Sage.

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